AGREE II Instrument

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Using AGREE II for Practice Guideline Development

In addition to its role as a practice guideline appraisal tool, the AGREE II can be used as a framework to guide practice guideline development.  The AGREE II can serve as a methodological strategy for guideline development and can inform what information and how this information ought to be reported (AGREE II, Introduction).  By applying AGREE II as a development framework, guideline developers are aware of the criteria on which they will be assessed.

The Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) developed a valuable resource for how the AGREE II can be used for practice guideline development.  The resource is organized by AGREE II domains and includes examples of well-developed content for each AGREE II item.  The resource is located on the Canadian CancerView website and you may link directly to each section below:

AGREE II: Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation