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Guidelines Resource Centre

What are practice guidelines?

Practice guidelines are systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and patient decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances (1).

In addition, practice guidelines can play an important role in health policy formation (2,3) and have evolved to cover topics across the health care continuum (e.g. health promotion, screening, diagnosis).

Capacity Enhancement Program’s Guidelines Resource Centre

The Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) developed a number of informational resources addressing various aspects of guideline development and adaptation. In addition, the CEP held online and in-person training presentations.  A summary of their core resources is included below and may be fully accessed via the CEP’s “Guidelines Resource Centre” main page, located at the Canadian CancerView website:

  • Guideline Development – Provides information and advice about the guideline development process using a step-by-step approach describing guideline development fundamentals and planning processes.
  • Guideline Adaptation – Offers suggestions and links for using the ADAPTE Manual and Toolkit and the CAN-IMPLEMENT © resources for the guideline adaptation process.
  • Training Events – Contains the archive of presentation slides and webinar recordings for all the webinars given by the Capacity Enhancement Program. Select topics include: Advanced Clinical Trial Designs, Statistics, Meta-analysis, Developing Guideline Recommendations, Knowledge Translation, Guideline Adaption, etc.
  • SAGE Directory of Cancer Guidelines – The “Standards and Guidelines Evidence” database is a repository of AGREE II-appraised cancer control guidelines.
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