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My AGREE PLUS Reaches 10,000 Users

10 June 2014

The AGREE Enterprise is pleased to announce that the “My AGREE PLUS” online appraisal platform has reached 10,000 users!  As we approach the one year release of the platform, we would say that it has been favourably welcomed and used by the international practice guideline community!

The original “My AGREE” platform was available for public use in 2010 and allowed users to complete, share and store their individual online AGREE II appraisals.  In 2012, the platform underwent re-development to expand its functionality to allow for online group appraisals and coordination.  In June 2013, the platform was re-introduced as “My AGREE PLUS” and a series of introductory and “Help” videos  accompanied its release.  The expanded platform has proven popular with the AGREE community, evident in us reaching a registered user count of 10,000 in just under one year!  The “My AGREE PLUS” is used by the international community in professional, educational, research and personal contexts. Thank you for using “My AGREE PLUS”!

How do you use “My AGREE PLUS”?  We’d love to hear from you!  Contact us to share your experience.

New to “My AGREE PLUS”?  It is free and easy to use – register here.