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The GUIDE-M is now available

14 October 2014

The AGREE Enterprise, on behalf of the GUIDE-M Research Team, is pleased to share the release of the “Guideline Implementabilty for Decision Excellence Model (GUIDE-M, version 1.0.2014). Publicly available, the GUIDE-M may be found at

The GUIDE-M is comprised of components intrinsic to practice guidelines (PGs) that play a role in optimising the implementability of PGs. Improving the intrinsic components of PGs to increase their quality, acceptability, and ability to drive action, is viewed as a cost-effective, feasible and impactful approach to improve the uptake of PG recommendations.

Developed to reflect an evidence-informed international and multidisciplinary perspective to PG implementability, the GUIDE-M can be used by (i) PG developers to help them create optimally implementable PG recommendations; (ii) by clinicians and other PG users to help them be better consumers of PGs; and (iii) by the research community to identify areas of priority that require further investigation, for example, where additional PG tools are warranted.

To further refine the GUIDE-M based on international feedback and experience with its use, we invite the international PG community to comment on the GUIDE-M 1.0.2014. To facilitate this, we have created an on-line “Wiki” platform to allow the exchange of comments, ideas, and suggested revisions to the GUIDE-M. The “GUIDE-M Wiki” will run for one year and at the conclusion of this open consultation phase, we will present the resultant version of GUIDE-M.

We welcome your participation and comments during the open consultation – please visit welcome_to_the_guide-m_wiki to sign up and share your ideas and feedback!

For more information about the GUIDE-M Research Project and other AGREE related research, please visit the AGREE Research projects page.