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Volunteers Needed for AGREE-REX Testing

12 April 2016

The AGREE Research Team is currently seeking volunteers with knowledge of practice guidelines to participate in a study to asses the validity and reliability testing of our newest appraisal tool, the AGREE Recommendations EXcellence (AGREE-REX).

The AGREE-REX is an 11-item tool to assess the clinical credibility and reliability of clinical practice guideline recommendations.

Study participants will be asked to apply the AGREE-REX to a practice guideline and complete a short feedback survey about the tool and its application.

To thank participants for their time and effort, we will be providing those who complete the AGREE-REX survey with a $50 virtual MasterCard gift card (Canadian dollars). 

If you are interesting in participating, please complete the brief recruitment survey at Survey respondents will receive a formal invitation to participate in the study by email when the study launches.

Additional information about the AGREE-REX can be found at If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Melissa Brouwers, PhD
Principal Investigator, AGREE-REX project
McMaster University, Department of Oncology
Hamilton, Ontario, Canad