AGREE II Instrument

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AGREE Next Steps Consortium

A pen and some statsThe AGREE Next Steps Research Consortium refined the original AGREE Instrument to create the new methodologically refined AGREE II, which was officially released in 2010.  The Consortium also refined and significantly modified the accompanying user guide and training manual to create the new User’s Manual.  The new AGREE II User’s Manual is a much more user-friendly document and helps users to implement the AGREE II with more confidence.

As with any new assessment tool, and based on the published experiences of its users, it was recognized that ongoing development and refinement of the instrument was required.  A group of international researchers and developers, the AGREE Next Steps Consortium, came together with the objectives of strengthening the measurement properties of the original AGREE Instrument, refining some of the items, systematically exploring its utility across different stakeholder groups (clinicians, PG developers, and decision/policy makers), and improving the supporting documentation (e.g., training manual/user guide) to help users implement the instrument with more confidence.

The results of these efforts are the AGREE II, which includes a new User’s Manual. The AGREE II consists of 23 items grouped into the same six domains as in the original AGREE Instrument and has a new 7-point scale. Approximately one half of the items have been modified, domain structures have been altered, and an extensive restructuring of the supporting documentation was undertaken. The AGREE II is the new international standard for PG development, reporting, and evaluation.

AGREE Next Steps Consortium Membership

  • Dr Melissa Brouwers
  • Dr George Browman
  • Dr Jako Burgers
  • Dr Francoise Cluzeau
  • Dr Dave Davis
  • Prof Gene Feder
  • Dr Béatrice Fervers
  • Dr Ian  Graham
  • Dr Jeremy Grimshaw
  • Dr Steven Hanna
  • Ms Michelle Kho
  • Prof Peter Littlejohns
  • Ms Julie Makarski
  • Dr Louise Zitzelsberger