AGREE II Instrument

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My AGREE PLUS Development Team

The My AGREE PLUS is an update of the original “My AGREE” platform and was launched in 2013.

In acknowledging a gap and to meet user needs, we assembled a group of international AGREE II users and guideline developers, to develop a user-informed online AGREE II group appraisal platform.  The project was co-lead with Minervation, a website development organization with a specific focus on evidence-based healthcare information.

My AGREE PLUS Development Team

  • Nan Bai (Canada)
  • Francoise Cluzeau (United Kingdom)
  • Robin Harbour (Scotland)
  • Nofisat Ismaila (Canada)
  • Roberta James (Scotland)
  • Amir Qaseem (United States)
  • Duncan Service (Scotland)
  • Carolyn Sleith (Scotland)
  • Norma Varela (Canada)
  • Jolanda Wittenberg (Netherlands)
  • Carolyn Zwaal (Canada)
  • Jorma Komulainen (Finland)
  • Douglas Badenoch (Minervation, United Kingdom)