AGREE II Instrument

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AGREE A3 Research Team

AGREE A3 is: Application, Appropriateness, Action

The AGREE A3 (Application, Appropriateness, Action) Research Team has developed online training tools to assist in the effective application of the AGREE II.

This work involved the testing of the two training tools in a randomized research study (Stream 1).

In addition, the Team is developing a new tool to accompany the AGREE II that will assess the clinical appropriateness and validity of practice guideline recommendations (Stream 2).

AGREE A3 Research Team Membership

  • Dr Melissa Brouwers
  • Dr George Browman
  • Dr Jako Burgers
  • Dr Francoise Cluzeau
  • Ms Lisa Durocher
  • Dr Beatrice Fervers
  • Dr Anna R. Gagliardi
  • Dr Jeremy Grimshaw
  • Dr Steven Hanna
  • Dr Anthony Levinson
  • Ms Julie Makarski
  • Dr Holger Shunemann
  • Dr Louise Zitzelsberger