AGREE II Instrument

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Preparing to use the AGREE II

This page gives important advice on preparations you should make prior to using AGREE II.

i) Accompanying Guideline  Documents

Before applying the AGREE II, users should first carefully read the guideline document in full.  In addition to the guideline document, users should attempt to identify all information about the guideline development process prior to the appraisal. This information may be contained in the same document as the guideline recommendations or it may be summarized in a separate technical report, methodological manual or guideline developer policy statement.  These supporting documents may be published or may be available publicly on web sites. While it is the responsibility of the guideline authors to advise readers on the existence and location of relevant additional technical and supporting documents, every effort should be made by the AGREE II users to locate and include them as part of the materials appropriate for assessment.

ii) Number of Appraisers

We recommend that each guideline is assessed by at least 2 appraisers and preferably 4 as this will increase the reliability of the assessment.