AGREE II Instrument

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Structure and content of the AGREE II

The AGREE II consists of 23 key items organized within 6 domains followed by 2 global rating items (“Overall Assessment”). Each domain captures a unique dimension of guideline quality. Each of the 23 items and 2 global rating items are rated on a 7 point response scale.

Domain 1. Scope and Purpose is concerned with the overall aim of the guideline, the specific health questions, and the target population (items 1-3).

Domain 2. Stakeholder Involvement focuses on the extent to which the guideline was developed by the appropriate stakeholders and represents the views of its intended users (items 4-6).

Domain 3. Rigour of Development relates to the process used to gather and synthesize the evidence, the methods to formulate the recommendations, and to update them (items 7-14).

Domain 4. Clarity of Presentation deals with the language, structure, and format of the guideline (items 15-17).

Domain 5. Applicability pertains to the likely barriers and facilitators to implementation, strategies to improve uptake, and resource implications of applying the guideline (items 18-21).

Domain 6. Editorial Independence is concerned with the formulation of recommendations not being unduly biased with competing interests (items 22-23).

Overall assessment includes the rating of the overall quality of the guideline and whether the guideline would be recommended for use in practice.