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10 Years of AGREE (2003-2013)

18 October 2013

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This year marked the 10th Year anniversary of AGREE!  It is hard to believe 10 years have passed since the release of the original AGREE Instrument.

For your interest, we summarized the trajectory of AGREE Enterprise activity over the past 10 years and you may find that roadmap here.  Also, to mark the anniversary, we have updated the AGREE II (2009) document – please note, the core content of the AGREE II document was not touched; we simply added an update section, labeled “UPDATE: September 2013”.

International Uptake and Use of AGREE
Since 2003, the AGREE Enterprise has contributed to the science and advancement of practice guidelines through its various programs of research and international collaborations. In addition to the efforts of the AGREE Enterprise, international efforts have lead to 32 language translations of the original and AGREE II, a total of 631 articles that reference the AGREE tools, and the adoption by many groups and organizations of AGREE as the basis of their practice guideline development framework or as part of their educational training requirements..

The Place for All Things AGREE
The Website of the AGREE Enterprise,, is a popular one, averaging about 6,240 visits per month.  Over 6,000 individuals are registered users of the website and have used the My AGREE tool platform for their practice guideline appraisal activities.  Just recently, we launched a revised version of My AGREE, the new My AGREE PLUS – this new online platform meets the needs of users by offering a complete platform for undertaking group AGREE II appraisals of a practice guideline.   To facilitate the use of My AGREE PLUS, we posted several instructional videos that provide an overview of the platform and specific directions for how to use it. We thank our international user group development panel and Minervation for the excellent contributions they made to this project, which culminated in an effective and user-friendly final platform.

AGREE’s Programme of Research
Our research projects have resulted in the methodologically refined AGREE II (current version), the AGREE II online training tools and the development of the comprehensive framework, GUIDE-M.  Acknowledging that AGREE II does not address the clinical validity of practice guideline recommendations, our current research project will look to close that gap.  Specifically, using elements of GUIDE-M and beyond, we will develop and test a resource tool to guide the development, reporting and evaluation of the clinical credibility of practice guideline recommendations to optimize their implementability.

In Thanks….
We extend our thanks to everyone who has been a part of the AGREE Enterprise over the past 10 years. We continually welcome the queries we receive from the international community about the AGREE and its use.  We also value receiving emails about the various activities and efforts pertaining to AGREE.   Keep the communications coming!