AGREE II Instrument

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AGREE Research Teams

International experts in the areas of practice guideline development and research have comprised the various AGREE research project teams since the inception of the AGREE enterprise.  These individuals have been instrumental in advancing the science of practice guidelines and in the development and refinement of the AGREE tool and its associated documents and tools.

AGREE Collaboration
In order to address the issue of variability of practice guideline (PG) quality, an international team of PG developers and researchers (the AGREE Collaboration) created the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE) Instrument.

Team List: Dr. José Asua, Dr. Anne Bataillard, Dr. Melissa Brouwers, Dr. George Browman, Dr. Pia Bruun Madsen, Dr. Jako Burgers, Dr. Bernard Burnand, Dr. Francoise Cluzeau, Dr. Isabelle Durand-Zaleski, Dr. Pierre Durieux, Dr. Cindy Farquhar, Dr. Gene Feder, Dr. Béatrice Fervers, Dr. Roberto Grilli, Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, Dr. Richard Grol, Dr. Steven Hanna, Ms. Claire Hunt, Dr. Rod Jackson, Dr. Albert Jovell, Dr. Niek Klazinga, Dr. Finn Kristensen, Dr. Peter Littlejohns, Dr. Marjukka Mäkelä, Ms. Juliet Miller, Dr. Günter Ollenschläger, Ms. Camilla Palmhøj-Nielsen, Dr. Safia Qureshi, Dr. Rosa Rico-Iturrioz, Dr. Kitty Rosenbrand, Dr. Jean Slutsky, Dr. Piete Ten Have, Dr. John-Paul Vader, Dr. Joost Zaat.

AGREE Next Steps Consortium
The AGREE Next Steps Research Consortium refined the original AGREE Instrument to create the new methodologically refined AGREE II, which was officially released in 2010.  The Consortium also refined and significantly modified the accompanying user guide and training manual to create the new User’s Manual.

Team List: Dr. Melissa Brouwers, Dr. George Browman, Dr. Jako Burgers, Dr. Francoise Cluzeau, Dr. Dave Davis, Prof. Gene Feder, Dr. Béatrice Fervers, Dr. Ian Graham, Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, Dr. Steven Hanna, Ms. Michelle Kho, Prof. Peter Littlejohns, Ms. Julie Makarski, Dr. Louise Zitzelsberger.

Online AGREE II Training Tools Team

The AGREE II training tools were developed to have a standardized approach for learning to apply the AGREE II. The online tools make accessing AGREE II training resources easy and the content allows users of all backgrounds to understand and utilize the AGREE II tool.

The AGREE II Training Tools were developed in collaboration between Dr. Anthony J. Levinson and the Division of e-Learning Innovation, and Dr. Melissa Brouwers, Lisa Durocher, Julie Makarski, and Thomas K. Oliver at McMaster University.

The AGREE II Training Tools research team would also like to acknowledge the pre-development work of the practice exercise training component undertaken by Kristina Cekan, Ellen Rawski, and Caroline Zwaal of the Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

My AGREE PLUS Development Team

The My AGREE PLUS is an update of the original “My AGREE” platform and was launched in 2013. In acknowledging a gap and to meet user needs, we assembled a group of international AGREE II users and guideline developers, to develop a user-informed online AGREE II group appraisal platform.  The project was co-lead with Minervation, a website development organization with a specific focus on evidence-based healthcare information.

Team List: Ms.Nan Bai, Dr. Francoise Cluzeau, Dr. Robin Harbour, Dr. Nofisat Ismaila, Dr. Roberta James, Dr. Amir Qaseem, Dr. Duncan Service, Dr. Carolyn Sleith, Dr. Norma Varela, Dr. Jolanda Wittenberg, Ms. Carolyn Zwaal, Dr. Jorma Komulainen, Mr. Douglas Badenoch (Minervation).

AGREE A3 Research Team

The AGREE A3 (Application, Appropriateness, Action) Research Team has developed online training tools to assist in the effective application of the AGREE II. This work involved the testing of the two training tools in a randomized research study.

Team List: Dr. Melissa Brouwers, Dr. George Browman, Dr. Jako Burgers, Dr. Francoise Cluzeau, Ms. Lisa Durocher, Dr. Beatrice Fervers, Dr. Anna R. Gagliardi, Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, Dr. Steven Hanna, Dr. Anthony Levinson, Ms. Julie Makarski, Dr. Holger Shunemann, Dr. Louise Zitzelsberger.

AGREE-REX Research Team
Using high quality methods and active participation by international stakeholders, we created a useful, reliable, and valid knowledge resources, AGREE-REX (Appraisal of Guidelines, Research and Evaluation-Recommendation Excellence), that will guide the development, reporting and evaluation of credible practice guideline recommendations. The AGREE-REX is comprised of (i) an Assessment Instrument and (ii) a User’s Guide. AGREE-REX is a complement to the AGREE II tool.

Team List: Dr. Pablo Alonso-Coello, Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya, Dr. Melissa Brouwers, Dr. George Browman, Dr. Jako Burgers, Dr. Francoise Cluzeau, Dr. Beatrice Férvers, Dr. Iván Darío Flórez, Dr. Anna Gagliardi, Dr. Ian Graham, Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, Dr. Steven Hanna, Dr. Monika Kastner, Ms. Kate Kerkvliet, Dr. Michelle Kho, Dr. Peter Littlejohns, Dr. Amir Qaseem, Dr. Holger Schünemann, Ms. Karen Spithoff, Dr. Sharon Straus, Dr. Louise Zitzelsberger.

AGREE-HS Research Team
The AGREE-HS (Health Systems) Research Team has developed a tool that will be used to direct the development, reporting, and appraisal of Health Systems Guidance (HSG).

Team List: Dr. Melissa C. Brouwers, Dr. John N. Lavis, Dr. Andy Haines, Dr. Carmen Mihaela Dolea, Dr. Denis Ako-Arrey, Dr. Fadi El-Jardali, Dr. Francoise Cluzeau, Dr. Govin Permanand, Dr. Iván Darío Flórez, Ms. Jillian Ross, Dr. Luis Gabriel Cuervo, Dr. Mike Wilson, Dr. Mita Giacomini, Dr. Pablo Perel, Dr. Padraig Warde, Dr. Pierre Ongolo-Zogo, Ms. Saira Akram, Dr. Sheila McNair, Dr. Ulysses Panisset, Dr. Xavier Bosch-Capblanch, Dr. Yaolong Chen.