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The AGREE Trust website no longer receives direct funding.  Therefore, we are asking for donations from our users.

  • If you have benefited from this service, you can support us with a donation, however small.
  • In this way, we hope to keep MyAGREE Plus for free for all our users for the foreseeable future.
  • Every little helps!

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A message from Ivan Florez and Melissa Brouwers

Melissa BrouwersIvan Florez

Leads of the AGREE Collaboration

Who would have thought that a few decades ago the AGREE website would be as big as it is now? We are proud and happy to have been able to support the international guideline community with the AGREE suite of tools and MyAGREEPlus.

Since 2003, the AGREE Enterprise has contributed to the science and advancement of practice guidelines through its various programs of research and international collaborations.

Moreover, with thousands of active users conducting many thousands of appraisals annually, we are convinced there is a need to keep MyAGREEPlus going. We have exciting new projects in the works and innovative strategies to continue to support your guideline goals.

Please consider supporting this project and “agree” to help in our AGREE fundraising campaign. No donation is too small!.

We are so committed to this that we have donated 200 dollars each from our personal accounts to support this fundraising drive.

Where does my money go?

Your funds will be collected and processed through Stripe, our trusted third party donation and payment provider.  All donations are paid directly to Minervation Ltd.  We are a registered company based in the UK and we manage and host the AGREE Trust website.

Donated funds will be earmarked for MyAGREE work only, and guaranteed by Minervation Ltd.

Our spending plans

The current priorities are:

  1. Hosting, backups and domain services
  2. Regular maintenance, updating and testing
  3. Updating of old code to meet modern standards, including Accessibility guidelines
  4. Optimising the layout for mobile devices

We will regularly update you on progress towards these goals.

A message from Douglas Badenoch, Director of Minervation Ltd

Douglas BadenochIn over 25 years as an information scientist doing digital work in Evidence-Based Health Care, I’ve never seen an online critical appraisal tool as successful and impactful as MyAGREE.

Since we built the site in 2012, over 60,000 MyAGREE users have completed over 85,000 appraisals of guidelines.

We want MyAGREE Plus to remain free to anyone who needs to use it.  However, if we can’t raise what we need through donations, we will need to look at some other way to cover costs, such as charging for access.

Clearly that would be a significant barrier.  It would disproportionately affect our large body of student users, for whom MyAGREE has become part of their training and education in health professions.

So, by donating, not only will you help keep the service up and running, but also you’ll be helping future generations of health professionals and researchers.  All the money we receive will go directly into maintaining and developing MyAGREE Plus.

Donations of $10, $25, $50 and other amounts can be made via the donation button above. If you  would like explore other forms of support or sponsorship please contact us

I affirm my and my company’s dedication to ensuring that all of the donated funds are utilised to support and develop MyAGREE.

You can contact me if you have any concerns, ideas or suggestions for future development, or indeed, would like to help further.