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Resource Centre

This “Resource Centre” of the website contains information and resources related to the AGREE II, the original AGREE Instrument and practice guidelines in general that you may find useful.

In this section you can find:

  • AGREE II Training Tools
    Two training tools to assist AGREE II users to effectively apply the tool.
    An online AGREE II appraisal platform to conduct individual and group appraisal.
  • AGREE II Translations
    Several countries have translated the new AGREE II into their language.  These are available here and are new translations are continually added.   The “AGREE II Translation Protocol” is found here as well.
  • AGREE-related publications
    The publications listing includes AGREE-related publications.
  • Practice Guidelines
    Basic introductiory information about what Practice Guidelines are, where you can find them and how the AGREE II can be utilized as a development framework.
    Get the AGREE II here.
  • AGREE II-GRS Instrument
    A short item tool to evaluate the quality and reporting of practice guidelines. Get the AGREE II-GRS here.
  • The Original AGREE Instrument
    The AGREE II replaces the original AGREE Instrument as the new and preferred tool for practice guideline development and evaluation.  However, the original AGREE Instrument and its translations are archived here.

Do not see a resource you are looking for?  Do you have a resource to suggest?  Let us know!