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Guideline Implementability for Decision Excellence Model GUIDE-M

As part of the AGREE A3 (Application, Appropriateness, Action) Project, we have developed a conceptual model called the Guideline Implementability for Decision Excellence Model (GUIDE-M).

What is GUIDE-M?

The Guideline Implementability for Decision Excellence Model (GUIDE-M) is comprised of components intrinsic to PGs that play a role in optimizing the implementability of practice guidelines (PGs). Improving the quality of these intrinsic components will increase their acceptability, and ability to drive action which is viewed as a cost-effective, feasible, and impactful approach to improve the uptake of PG recommendations. The GUIDE-M reflects an evidence-informed international and multidisciplinary perspective to PG implementability.

The GUIDE-M can be used by

  • PG Developers: to help them create optimally implementable PG recommendations;
  • PG Users: to help them to be better consumers of PGs; and
  • PG Research Community: to identify knowledge gaps and priorities warranting further investigation.

 The GUIDE-M is best illustrated and understood by viewing the MindMeister© Map of the models’ domains and components. Click here to see the map.

How was the GUIDE-M developed?

The GUIDE-M was developed through a joint collaboration* of the research teams of Dr. Melissa Brouwers (AGREE A3 Project, The AGREE Enterprise) and Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya (KT-Canada Guideline Implementation Project) in Ontario, Canada, and by conducting a realist review of the literature. A “GUIDE-M Codebook” was developed to organize the terms and definitions generated from the results of the realist review. Access to the PDF versions of the codebook can be gained by viewing it’s web page.

A list of publications detailing the development of the GUIDE-M can be found on the GUIDE-M Publications page.

*The GUIDE-M Research Team:

Pablo Alonso Coello (Spain), Onil Bhattacharyya (Canada), Melissa C. Brouwers (Canada), Jako Burgers (The Netherlands), Ananda Chatterjee (Canada), Francoise Cluzeau (UK), Lisa Durocher (Canada), Beatrice Fervers (France), Anna Gagliardi (Canada), Ivan D. Florez (Columbia), Ian D. Graham (Canada), Jeremy Grimshaw (Canada), Leigh Hayden (Canada), Monika Kastner (Canada), Kate Kerkvliet (Canada), Michelle Kho (Canada), Peter Littlejohns (UK), Julie Makarski (Canada), Holger Schunemann (Canada), Sharon Straus (Canada), Louise Zitzelsberger (Canada), and Merrick Zwarenstein (Canada).

The GUIDE-M Research Team acknowledges and thanks our funder: The GUIDE-M Project was supported through grant funds secured from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR #125987).