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AGREE Reporting Checklist

Agree Reporting Checklist logoThe AGREE Research office has developed the AGREE Reporting Checklist.

The AGREE Reporting Checklist is intended to assist practice guideline developers to improve the completeness and transparency of reporting in practice guidelines. The checklist can also provide guidance to peer reviewers, journal editors, and guideline users about the essential components of a high quality practice guideline.

The checklist maintains the AGREE II’s structure of six quality domains and its 23 key items, providing a systematic and logical process for reporting essential information. For each of the 23 items, a summary statement and a bulleted list of specific reporting criteria are provided.

The AGREE Reporting Checklist has been included in the EQUATOR Reporting Guideline Database Library, here. The EQUATOR Library provides an up-to-date collection of guidelines and policy documents related to health research reporting.

Two formats of the checklist are available:

  1. Fill-able PDF
  2. Microsoft Word

In addition, the following AGREE Reporting Checklist translations are available

Related publications:

Brouwers MC, Kerkvliet K, Spithoff K, on behalf of the AGREE Next Steps Consortium. The AGREE Reporting Checklist: a tool to improve reporting of clinical practice guidelines. BMJ 2016;352:i1152. doi: 10.1136/bmj.i1152.