AGREE II Instrument

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1. How does the My AGREE PLUS system invite individuals to participate in AGREE II appraisals. 

Answer: The My AGREE PLUS system operates via the email addresses that are registered to individuals’ My AGREE PLUS accounts. When conducting group appraisals, it is important to use the email address associated with the invitee’s My AGREE PLUS account and ensure that the email address is spelled correctly. 

2. How do I share my final appraisal?

Answer: When you have completed the appraisal, there is an option to share a link to the AGREE II results summary. After clicking “Turn on Sharing”, you can share the link to the results with whomever you wish.

3. How do I begin a coordinated group appraisal with multiple contributors appraising a single guideline?

• Log in to your My AGREE Plus account.
• Under “My Co-ordinated Group Appraisals”, click “Start new”.
• Fill in the relevant information as it pertains to your group and to the guideline you wish to appraise.
• Under “Contributors”, enter the email addresses of each member of your appraisal group. If a group member is not registered for My AGREE PLUS, they will be sent an invitation to register and participate. If you wish to be a contributor as well as a coordinator, make sure that you add your own email into this box.
• Click “Create group appraisal” and you’re on your way.


1. I’m having registration/log-in issues. How do I go about troubleshooting?

Registration walkthrough:
• To register for a My AGREE PLUS account, please visit the registration page at
• Please fill in this form and click “Register”.
• After clicking “Register”, you will be sent an email containing a hyperlink to activate your account. If you don’t receive an email, please check your Junk or Spam email folder in case it has been filtered out.
• Once you activate your account, you will be able to access all the My AGREE PLUS features.

Please ensure that:
• Your current browser is up-to-date
• Your cookies are enabled
• Your Adobe Flash Player is up-to-date
• Your computer has sufficient permissions/security settings to access My AGREE PLUS (check with your IT department)

If you continue to experience issues after these steps, please contact the AGREE Scientific office.

2. In My AGREE PLUS, when I visited my account home page, there were no notifications or indications of my membership in the group.  Where can I accept my invitation?

Answer: Once you have created a profile/logged in and have been invited to complete a guideline appraisal, you will see the pending invitation under the section heading “For Your Information” on the right hand side of your account home page.  The message will read “You have 1 pending invitation from…”. Click on the linked text “View all invitations”, and from that point you may either accept or decline the invitation. For more information and to learn about next steps once you have accepted the invitation, please see the video “Accepting Invitations and Contributing to Group Appraisals“. This video and other helpful videos are located on the “Help” page of our website (

3. I was invited to join a group appraisal in My AGREE PLUS; however, I did not see my invitation under the “For Your Information” section on my account home page. Why isn’t my invitation located there?

Answer: The “My AGREE PLUS” system functions by using email addresses to invite and coordinate group appraisals. Please check that the email address used to invite you is the same as the email address attached to your account. If the address is not the same, please ask your group appraisal coordinator to re-invite you using the appropriate email address.

4. In my “My AGREE PLUS” account, I was able to set up a group appraisal but I have not been added as a contributor.  How do I make myself a contributor?

Answer: When setting up (coordinating) a group appraisal that you wish to participate in (i.e., contribute to), you need to invite yourself by adding your email address to the list of contributors.  Please ensure that the email address you send your invitation to is the email address attached to your account.  Our system does not automatically add the ”Coordinator” as a ”Contributor” when creating a group appraisal.

5. When coordinating a group appraisal, may I look at the completed appraisals before I click the “mark as complete” button?

Answer: Yes, the “My AGREE PLUS” platform allows you to look at the contributors’ ratings before you mark the group appraisal as complete.  Under “My Co-ordinated Group Appraisals” click on “View all incomplete appraisals”.  Click on “More details” for the group appraisal you would like to view.  Under the “Work on this Appraisal” section, click on “View the data” link. You may then navigate through the online AGREE II to view the appraiser(s)’s ratings for each item.

6. I used the AGREE II online appraisal tool and would like to reference the AGREE II results PDF in my paper. Do I need permission to include this document as an appendix?  

Answer: No, you do not need special permission to use the PDF results output file from an AGREE II appraisal. You may include the PDF document as an appendix and you can use the following to reference its inclusion:

A critical group appraisal of: <guideline title> using the AGREE II Instrument (year appraisal was completed) [Electronic version]. Retrieved <Month, Day, Year>, from <URL of the appraisal>.