AGREE II Instrument

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Original AGREE Instrument Publications

Main AGREE Tool publication

The AGREE Collaboration. Writing Group: Cluzeau FA, Burgers JS, Brouwers M, Grol R, Mäkelä M, Littlejohns P, Grimshaw J, Hunt C. Development and validation of an international appraisal instrument for assessing the quality of clinical practice guidelines: the AGREE project. Quality and Safety in Health Care. 2003;12(1):18-23.[Pubmed abstract]

Related Publications

Bataillard A, Fervers B, Durieux P, Burnand B, Durand Zaleski I, Burgers J, Haugh M et Cluzeau F pour la Collaboration AGREE. Elaboration et validation d’un instrument international d’évaluation de la qualité des Recommandations de pratique clinique: la grille AGREE. Revue d’Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique. 2004;52:575-582.

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Burgers JS, Grol R, Klazinga NS, Mäkelä M, Zaat J, for The AGREE Collaboration. Towards evidence-based clinical practice: an international survey of 18 clinical guideline programs. International Journal for Quality in Health Care 2003; 15(1): 31-45.[Pubmed abstract]

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