AGREE II Instrument

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The GUIDE-M Map, created using the MindMeister© software, provides users with a complete visual of the GUIDE-M model. Also included in the Map is the evidence supporting each component of the GUIDE-M, called Narratives. The software allows users to view GUIDE-M at its various levels.

GUIDE-M has been organized into 6 layers of components that represent a variety of factors related to optimizing practice guideline implementability. The top layer of GUIDE-M is represented by 3 tactics followed by their associated domains which have been colour-coded to represent their related groupings. Under each domain are the layers of (i) sub-domains, (ii) attributes, (iii) sub-attributes and (iv) elements.

Tips for navigating the GUIDE-M MindMeister© Map:

  • To make the Map larger or smaller, click the “+” and “-“ signs that can be found in the top left hand corner of the Map screen.
  • To move the Map (i.e., to view different sections of the Map), click and drag your mouse on the Map screen and move your mouse in the opposite direction you wish to view.
  • To view the GUIDE-M component Narratives, hover your mouse directly over the circular symbol located beside the component you wish to view.