AGREE II Instrument

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AGREE GRS Instrument

The AGREE Global Rating Scale Instrument (AGREE GRS) is a short item tool to evaluate the quality and reporting of practice guidelines.  It is based on the AGREE II, and includes the following items for assessment:

  1. Overall quality of guideline development methods
  2. Overall quality of guideline presentation
  3. Completeness of reporting
  4. Overall quality of guideline recommendations
  5. Overall assessment of the guideline: includes 3 evaluative statements

The AGREE GRS Instrument was developed and evaluated through the AGREE Next Steps program of research and a paper describing the study is published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

Although the AGREE II Instrument remains the recommended appraisal tool, the AGREE GRS is a reasonable alternative for practice guideline assessment, especially in circumstances when time and resources are limited.


*The GRS is pre-fixed by “AGREE II” to relate it to the AGREE Enterprise and to distinguish it from other global rating scales that exist (i.e., the UK-GRS, the endoscopy Global Rating Scale Canada (GRS-C))

For a list of the members who developed the AGREE GRS, please visit the AGREE Research Teams page.