AGREE II Instrument

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The My AGREE PLUS platform allows users to complete and track all of their online AGREE II appraisals. The platform offers three appraisal functionalities:

  1. To complete individual AGREE II appraisals
  2. To contribute to a group AGREE II appraisal
  3. To coordinate a group AGREE II appraisal

The My AGREE PLUS system operates via the email addresses that are registered to individuals’ My AGREE PLUS accounts. When conducting group appraisals, it is important to use the email address associated with the invitee’s My AGREE PLUS account and ensure that the email address is spelled correctly. 

To register for My AGREE PLUS, click here.

Need help with My AGREE PLUS? Check out the following resources:

Using My AGREE PLUS Videos – The video on this page provide users with additional information about the My AGREE PLUS platform including an overview of the platform and specific directions for how to use it.

My AGREE PLUS FAQ – Trouble shooting advice about the My AGREE PLUS platform can be found here.

To see a list of members of the My AGREE PLUS Development team, please visit the AGREE Research Teams page.